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Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation

In order to be accepted for publication, each paper has to pass through an editorial and two blind peer-review readings, but it needs to be prepared beforehand, according to the “technical guidelines”. . The Editorial Board reserves the right to return any paper before the editorial reading if it does not follow the given guidelines.

In the first round of reading, the Editor-in-Chief decides whether the submitted paper is generally suitable to the concept and standard of the journal, and then, if necessary, he/she can ask the author to make certain changes before the paper is further directed to the expert peer reviewers. A paper is forwarded to blind peer-review with the editor’s approval only.

The reviewer can assess the paper in three ways:

a) recommended for publication;
b) elaboration and revision necessary before publication; and
c) not recommended for publication.

Except in the case when the paper receives two positive reviews (“recommended for publication”), the Editorial Board reserves the right to return the paper for further revision, to reject it in its entirety, or to ask for the opinion of a third reviewer.

The peer-review process can last a year and a half at the most – from the submission to the decision of the Editor and the Editorial Board to either accept or reject the paper.

All papers are to be submitted via the online registration system on the website, excluding the reviews, which are to be submitted to the email address Regarding the preparation and submission of the paper, please read carefully the “Guidelines for Online Submission,” “Guidelines for Manuscript Preparation” and “Author Statement”.

In a wish to continually and openly advance our cooperation with the authors, we invite all contributors to e-mail us their objections, suggestions and comments that could contribute to an improvement of the journal’s and our work’s quality.


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